International Shipping

International Buyer And Our International Shipping


We do get lots of request to ship internationally. Unfortunately, we are not shipping internationally due to some limitation. How ever, An international Buyer can still can Get our products by using a 3rd Party Shipping company, Also known as the term “Freight Forwarder” There are lots of companies like that inside USA. People from all over the world do shopping via internet inside USA and customer ships those products to their freight forwards companies USA address. Freight forward company takes care of the rest, From Customs to shipping to import charges to delivery to customer’s hand. They charge a shipping fee to customer but that is comparatively lower because they ship in huge volume of products, thus customer saves on customs duty too.




                          How can a customer find a freight forwarder? Well, there is no direct answer to that. We suggest you to search on your locality, town, city and you will find a company who does the freight forwarding business, Other than FedEx, UPS, DHL etc. Each Country, Each Continent has a popular local company and they are easy to locate by News Paper, Local Store Sign Board, Radio etc. You may ask your local Postman/Mailman about such company and he or she have the most wide idea about your town businesses. May ask your friends and family about that companies reputation. Once you are confident with that company, then just open an account with them and get a note of their USA address. That’s all.




                         We ship our each product inside USA for free. In average, each customer saves about $10 to $15 on shipping from us on each item. So when an international customer orders an item from us, we ship the item free of charges to customers freight forwarding companies address.





                          Bellow, There are few common freight forwarding companies in The USA who does international Shipping. These common company names are suggestions only, is NOT AFFILIATED or Connected or Partnered With None Of These CompaniesAll these companies have their Phone Numbers, eMails, and Physical Contact address for USA posted on their site. Please make sure that which ever company you choose is well known in your country. Please do your own research inside your country before opening up account with them.




     Please Click On The Names for Their Website.


  • ARAMEX –  A Well known Company inside USA. Ships Around the world.




  • MAINBOXShips to UK, Germany, China.



  • BOMBINO EXPRESS – Famous for Shipping To All Over India. Also Ships To Dubai(UAE), Canada & UK.